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The Quest

The Quest is a unique cinematic project. This documentary tells the story of a prominent American microbiologist, Howard Urnovitz, and his 45-year search for a cancer cure. The movie is set in the United States, Poland and Germany. Why did our company decide to engage in this international project? We had been involved in the healthcare industry and actively engaged in many projects for several years. Once we got the idea that stands behind The Quest, we immediately decided to support it, using our skills and experience. The Quest is a life changing project.

While working on the Quest website, we wanted to emphasize the innovation and uniqueness of this project. Therefore, we took care of the color scheme of the site. We bet on classic and soft colors, which will not draw the visitors’ attention away from the content.


The Home page is not overloaded with information. There are: a top menu, the trailer of the movie, and links to the social media accounts and news. Of course, the colors that dominate the site are black and white.
The clear layout of the content allows visitors to move freely between elements of the site and find interesting information.




The Quest is a movie that reveals the tragedy of a man dealing with cancer. The bakcstage tab, as the name suggests, reveals what happens behind the scenes of the movie. Visitors to the website learn the details of the story presented in the movie. By clicking on the thumbnails of the photos, they can view the gallery from the production plans. Below the photographs, there are two links that will move visitors to the movie trailer and to the tab through which sponsors can contact the moviemakers.




This is a unique tab on the website of a unique project. On this page, you will find friends – co-workers, patrons and sponsors of The Quest. Each name is accompanied by a link to the companies’ websites and brief descriptions of the companies. The moviemakers thank the Friends for their support, both financial and spiritual.



This simple page allows interested people to contact the moviemakers – all that they need to do is just fill out the contact form.



Modern websites, especially of such a unique project as The Quest, should be easy to read and very well displayed on mobile devices. This website, commissioned by a Client from Warsaw, meets these requirements. The Quest looks great on the screens of the latest smartphones and tablets.

Benefits for the client


While creating a website for The Quest, we made sure that the topic of the movie was presented in an interesting way. We had a clear layout in mind, and we wanted the menu and individual tabs to be easy to navigate. These are some of the many benefits our client received.

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