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Happy Team Check

A website must be attractive to potential recipients. Modern graphic design and applied solutions closely relate to the specificity of activities undertaken by the client.

Happy Team Check checks the satisfaction of employees of a certain company. The feedback received on this basis streamlines human resources management (HR). Nowadays, it does not have to be reminded how the well-being of individuals influences the whole team.
An undoubted advantage of this website is the automated ability to send applications with a single mouse click and support of the linkedin service. Such saving of time and energy is a real treat for internet users.

Warsaw has enriched its market with a website that has an online chat system – it is a great advantage for a new website. It is completely integrated with this website, which makes it much easier to contact potential customers. A mobile currency converter is another curiosity. Once you have typed the number of employees and selected one of the three available currencies, you receive an instant summary of your costs. Everything fast, simple and functional!

A video material perfectly fits the website. This is another interesting element for users. Warsaw has gained a coherent graphical site that perfectly fits into the concept of “flat design”. What is meant by this term? First of all simplicity and perfection. The website becomes clearer by giving up: shading, gradients, multitude of colors, or complex shapes. This is a strong trend in modern web design!

The site has been enriched with an interactive contact form, also available after viewing a video. Additionally, information on Cookies have been added. The CMS module makes it easy to edit data.
Linking the site to customer service is another undeniable asset. Professional execution guarantees full satisfaction of users.


For more, visit: happyteamcheck.com

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