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Finezja Design

The website Finezja Design is literally a “tailor made” project! Completely adapted to modern trends and fully taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Beautiful and harmonious interiors with perfectly made arrangements put in a good mood and improve well-being. Noble silk, long-sleeved velor and natural linen make the interior unique. The Finezja team have precisely created window decorations and exclusive fabric accesories for years. This is appreciated by Clients of residences, hotels and apartments in Poland as well as abroad.


Co-creation of www.finezja.pl was a pleasure. Professionalism combined with minimalism gives you: unique design! All the amenities are simple to use. The website is pleasing to the eye. You can find topics you are interested in quickly.

Having prepared an e-commerce module is an undoubted strength. Such a direct link between an online store and the website makes it easy for potential customers to make an order and get acquainted with the entire offer of the company. On this website the most important thing is the usability of all functions.

Another modern addition is an internet voucher. Such a gift card is a great idea to bring joy to someone close. Most importantly, however, is that its order is as easy as ABC! Everything takes place directly on the website – just a simple “click of a mouse”.

When it comes to running a business, Finezja Design is well aware of the importance of social media. The guarantee of reaching a wide audience was achieved by connecting a banner with Facebook. Through this solution, visitors to the website can keep up to date on the fanpage.


Caring for every detail … Fineness combined with functionality – both on the website and atour Clients’ work.Our team come up with the design of every website in a creative and unique way. Finezja Design is one of the flagship “tailor-made” designs.


For more, visit: finzeja.pl

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